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Wukong Integration (WKI) offers penetrating insight and flexible solutions even in the most difficult situation. Naming after the most famous superpower character from the most read Chinese classical novel (Journey to the West). Wukong(like the Super Man in western movie), we inherited its loyalty, bravery and capability to navigate you the best way to the east market.....

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Why us

More than marketing, WKI navigates

A comprehensive team of specialists cultivate deeply into the complex merchant ecosystem in China.

From legal paperwork to re-branding, translation and localization, logistic and warehouse integration, customs clearance and regulation check, WKI’s team practiced from A to Z with years of experience.

Connections and Resources

We have abundant resources of distributors, sales channels, and marketing platforms of various industries to help you link Effectively.

Tailored Strategy

When various platforms are actively luring investment and giving implicit promises, we help you to make rational choices with tailored strategy.

WKI’s Probe Plan

With countless foreign brands trying to enter China, distributors are only interested in those brands that come with a sophisticated presentation.

WKI Probe Plan to prepare you this presentation with minimal risk and cost to test water in China market.

We Make Everything Easy.

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