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An important point of a supply chain is warehousing and storage. Choosing the right warehouse can make or break your supply chain. Fret not – our team offers warehousing solutions that will keep you covered.

Warehousing in China

Warehousing in China would cost less than storing goods offshore. Moreover, it can significantly impact on speed and flexibility positively in terms of transportation.

However, as China is a big country, it is important to choose a warehouse that is strategically located, so that it fits into the supply chain and distribution network. Additionally, it is important to know the market price of warehouse rental rates to negotiate for a good deal. These require research and analysis which our team can provide.

Challenges and hurdles

Policies for industrial land-use rights vary depending on cities, which can be difficult for unfamiliar foreign businesses to grasp. Many foreign businesses are unaware of the policies that can work for them or be a hurdle for them in terms of warehousing and fitting that into their supply chain.

In addition, whether the warehouse located in free trade zones adopts different policies on custom and taxation. The service provided also varies. With some warehouses, individual orders from online store can be directly processed, repackage and last mail delivery all handled with one service provider. While in some warehouse, there is a minimum delivery quota, meaning a third party should be hired to repackage the merchandize according to individual order. Cost of using different system may differ depends on the total sales volume, the budgeting on storage and transportation should be calculated and predicted before deciding which strategy to adopt. In the meantime, major online sales platforms usually offer their own integrated logistic system. WKI offer detailed research on that matter to help determine the best cost and value package on logistics.

Besides that, managing inventory requires Chinese human resources and communicating with Chinese staff. Positioning your storage system into your overall supply chain of suppliers and distributors can also be difficult to coordinate – especially if you are unfamiliar with the logistics industry.

Maintaining quality control remotely can be tough as well. It is important to have trustworthy team that is readily available on-site and reports back to you on immediate matters, as well as timely progress.

How we can help

WKI team can ensure that you get the best deal in terms of warehousing properties. We are skilled in negotiating with property developers, landlords and government bodies to land our clients a satisfying deal. In terms of stock control and inventory, our team can assist with checking and verifying product quantities against data provided to ensure that there are no discrepancies. Any inconsistencies will be reported back to you in a timely and efficient manner. Likewise, we will ensure the organisation of your products through a recorded system and provide real-time reports.

Our team can also assist in product quality testing through random sampling, or upon your detailed requirements to ensure that your products are received as they should. As part of our warehousing solution, we look at the overall picture and ensure the warehousing system fits well in your overall supply chain. We coordinate and communicate for you – putting your best interests first.

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