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WuKong Integration (WKI)

offers penetrating insight and flexible solutions even in the most difficult situation. Naming after the most famous superpower character from the most read Chinese classical novel (Journey to the West). WuKong (the Monkey King), was the dedicated guide and protector to his master. During their journey to the west, the master encountered countless threats from various monsters with supernatural power. Yet WuKong conquered them all eventually. WKI inherited his virtue of diligence and fortitude, his quality of insightful and loyal , and his powerful capability to foresee obstacles and overcome difficulties. Fully equipped, let WKI navigate you the best way to the East .


Bring You To A New Vision


To Be The Best Navigator To The East

Wukong Integration

is a brand under Reindeer Station. We are a team of professional marketers, consulting and logistic solution specialists. Our goal is to assist more foreign companies to position their products in the world’s biggest market whose enormous purchasing urge is yet to be satisfied.

Reindeer Station

has been active for more than 15 years in Ningbo, China. We’ve help thousands of foreigners relocate and hundreds of foreign companies establish their business in China from scratches. What we do best is to make business launch pain free and ensure a smooth operation. Reindeer Station is indeed a one-stop service provider covering every aspect of expat life in China. Our business grow rapidly with recommendation from our repeat clients. From visa application, registration paperwork to HR consultancy and IP protection, our service can cater seamlessly to freelance teachers and multinational firm CEO as well.

Core Team

  • Lily Yang | CEO & Co-Founder, Integrated Project Expert

    English / Chinese Speaking

    15+ years in business and marketing consultancy

    Early experience in international 5-star hotel management

    Successful entrepreneur in foreign trade and expat service, founder of Reindeer Station

    Mainstream media reported patriotic businesswoman

    Resourceful with government officials and deeply connected with various business associations

    Specialize in foreign legal affairs, taxation, business investment, market development, etc.

  • Anna Chen | Project Manager

    English / Chinese Speaking

    1st class honor Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Nottingham University

    Academic excellence with independent research capability

    5+ years of experience in international banking consulting

    Interviewed 1000+ business owners in wholesale and retail in China

    In-depth understanding of various industries and markets

  • Teresa Zou | CEO Assistant & Senior Financial Consultant

    English / Chinese Speaking

    Early experience in finance department of multinational retail giant

    Liaison for international consulting, trading and exhibition

    10+ years experience in financial investment and business consulting

    Specialize in finance, business, investment mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  • Brain Xu | Partner Lawyer

    English / Chinese Speaking

    10+ years of practicing in legal profession

    Honored “Top 10 Young Lawyer of Ningbo”

    Represent numerous foreign companies

    Successful cases honored by government as model of protecting the legal right of foreign investment

    Specialize in maritime commerce, international trade and investment, corporate legal counsel

  • Tristan NG (Singaporean) | Brand Importer/Agent

    English / Chinese / Malay / Indonesian Speaking

    International Business Lead Coordinator & Liaison Expert

    20 years of Engineering and Management background

    General Manager & Division Head for DEME (A Global Top 10 Marine Contractor)

    New Plant-based Venture and Initiator Advocating of Plant-based Milk in China

    Senior Consultant in importation of organic & superfood products into China

    Specializing in:

    Lead generation Online and Offline sales channels

    F&B and supermarkets sales leads consultant

    Contractual and Negotiation Expert

    International and Chinese Inter-Cultural Business Senior Consultant

    International and China logistics and warehousing consultant

  • Zhijun Han | New Retail

    Legendary icon in fast-moving consumer good market of China

    Early career in Alibaba with solid trading and marketing background

    Founder of several successful companies

    15+ years experience in E-commerce marketing & Sales

    Strong market intuition and judgement

    Powerful resource in major e-commerce platforms

    Specialize in supply chain establishment and management

    Typical Sales Performance:

    15 tons of Cherries sold in 72 hours

    2000 pieces of Snow Crabs sold in 72 hours

  • Jane Lv | Community/comprehensive marketing

    Star professor on E-commerce in Ningbo University of Finance and Economics

    Former marketing expert in Alibaba

    Founder of Daigou company in early years

    Deeply rooted in foreign brand import market

    Owner of several companies covering main aspects of CBEC

    Manage 1000+ KOL/KOC

    Specialize in fan economy, re-branding, marketing, and e-commerce sales

    Successful cases:

    Rotbäckchen - German nutrition solution

    Kanson - Japanese milk bags

    New Zealand sheep milk powder, Danish probiotics, Australian milk powder

Shanghai Wukong Integration (WKI) Center