Market Segmentation &Competitor Research

Business Model & Marketing Strategy

Every successful business has a viable business model that fits well into the market of an industry. Successful businesses also develop marketing strategies that complement their business models to maximise their reach and revenue.

Business model strategy

The subsequent step after gaining valuable insights from the market research and product trial runs is to develop a business model. We can assist with finding your business position in the value network after identifying industry competitors, potential complementors and other network opportunities your business can leverage.

Aside from your position in the value network, we can assist you with developing and planning your value proposition, market segment, value chain structure, revenue generation and competitive strategy. It is important to address these key areas in order to develop and maintain a long-term competitive advantage in China.

We also go into great detail of analysing and finding the right business model for your business that takes into consideration of your target consumers, wholesalers as well as investors and partners that show great potential or possess the right resources.

Marketing strategy development

Successfully marketing to Chinese businesses and consumers requires not only rigorous market research, but also comprehensive marketing strategy development.

The uniqueness of the Chinese market as well as the cultural differences pose many challenges for many foreign businesses. Your marketing strategy should thus be developed according to Chinese attitudes and preferences towards marketing and sales. This involves localising your brand and leveraging online and offline marketing channels to communicate and sell your products.

We can help you understand the different variations of marketing methods that is best suited for your business plan according to current trends and industry insights, and assist you in the development of your business’s marketing strategy.

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