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Distributor Network

The logistics market in China is fragmented and complex. With the rise of cross border ecommerce, foreign businesses looking to export into the Chinese market should have a good understanding of the logistics in China.

Our Partners &  Distribution  Channels in China




Super market: Wallmart、Carrefour、Auchan、METRO、SAM CLUB、OLE supper market、Freshhema

School、Education center、Children’s Extracurricular Activities Centers
Hotel - Pharmacy - Clinics - Confinement Center - Government Organs - Commerce Chambers and Associations - Financial Institutions

WKI is your China Partner with Distribution Network and Local Market Solution.

WKI focus HEALTH and CHILDREN, as we have strong distribution channels online and offline on those areas. We prefer FMCG and B2B products or projects in those areas. Other than traditional sales agents who mainly rely on the sales channels of their own, WKI focus more on the followings:

Ensure our clients breakthrough new channels in China, rather than only making limited sales.

Assist the brands we represent upgrade brand recognition, sales volume to grow exponentially.


  • - Introduce your brand using the most suitable methods to Chinese consumers
  • - Choose the right entry product for the market
  • - Define the right retail price rather than simply calculating CIF
  • - Trademark registration in China to protect IP
  • - Promote brands, products and projects precisely to distributors and business partners
  • - Continuously market promotion based on the brand image
  • - Increase consumer repurchase rate to promote continuous sales growth
  • - Arrange the whole process of import and delivery of goods quickly and efficiently
  • - Professional after-sales service team to support the sales of agents and partners


The traditional distributor buys your goods and puts them on the shelf at far end, what can you do?

Consumers see your product, but how do they make purchase decisions?

Distributors buy small quantities of goods, if the sales are not good, what will they do?

WKI is by your side sharing your point of view with your best interest in mind. We want consumers to always pick your products that we represent, and keep repeating their purchase, and promoting.
We want more distributors to save their best shelves to us and cooperate to promote our products. Because we make them more profit to strongly motivate them for long-term support.
At WKI, we are a team of experts with local insight, developed channel network, and branding expertise. Our results oriented approach focuses on anticipating challenges before they happen and providing practical and executable solutions to ensure the success of every company we work with.  



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