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Market research

We offer a variety of research services to make sure that your business is prepared to enter the Chinese market.

Why conduct a Chinese market research?

China has a unique market with a competitive landscape. Foreign businesses should have an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market at the very start of their business plan.

Regardless of the sector your business falls under, or the size of your business, it is wise to conduct a reliable market research before starting or expanding your business in China. A good understanding and research of the market in China will ensure that you make informed and sound decisions on how and when to enter the market.

A comprehensive market research will ensure that your venture into business in China starts on the right foot, and that your goals are clear from the very start.

How our market research service can help your business

Our various data collection methods will give you a clear understanding of the industry you would like to enter in China. This includes market trends, competitors in the industry, business models used in the industry as well as the rules, regulations and norms of the industry in China.

Our market research service will give you the insights needed to plan your business development strategy efficiently. Furthermore, we believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution – we tailor our market research according to your business’s specific needs and demands.

How we can help to start a quick marketing research?

Marketing Research
·Market Environment analysis & competitors
·Brand SWFT
·Target Customer Profile and Pain Point
·Summary and Advice

Competitors’ Research
·Market performance on similar products (domestic and imported)
·1-2 similar products of different brands
·Sales channels
·Sales volume
·Social media exposure
·Customer feedback

Report will be provided with all relevant information All data will be from open online source, with detail reference with translation
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